Permanent Jewelry

What is Permanent Jewelry?

The latest jewelry trend, permanent jewelry is custom fit to your wrist and the ends of the chain are welded shut so it stays on forever (or as long as you like!)

We offer a variety of dainty chain types in sterling silver, 14k gold and gold dipped. Chain prices begin at $60. We also offer a variety of charms that can be added for an additional cost.

Private in studio appointments are booked for 30 minutes and require a $20 deposit. Groups of 2 or more are booked for 50 minutes and require a deposit of $40. You can schedule your private session by clicking the “make an appointment” link in the top right corner. Please fill out this waiver once you have requested your appointment:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it hurt?

No! While we do use a welder, the process is safe and painless. During the attachment process, you are given protective eye-wear and a leather patch is placed on your wrist to prevent any injury.  Please inform us if you are allergic to certain metals, have metal in your body or a pace-maker before proceeding.

Can it ever be removed?

Absolutely. While the goal is for it to be permanent, medical procedures, such as MRI’s or surgery, may require removal of all jewelry. Since our chains are so dainty, removal can be done with scissors or nail clippers at the connection site. Save your jewelry and we can re-weld it back together for you afterwards.

Will my jewelry tarnish?

This depends strongly on the type of metal chain that is chosen as well as frequent use of lotions, perfume, and even skin PH. 14k Gold or higher is always going to be recommended if this is a concern. Silver is more prone to tarnishing. If this happens, give them a clean with silver polishing wipes!

How do I care for my permanent jewelry?

Warm water and dish soap does the trick. You can also try a jewelry polishing cloth as well!

What if my jewelry breaks?

We ensure our bracelets integrity before you leave your appointment, but things do happen! Re-welds withing the first two weeks are complimentary. After that, a $15 fee will be charge to reapply.

What is the age requirement for permanent jewelry?

We are more than happy to apply welded chains to children 12 and up with parental consent and supervision. Kids younger than 12 may receive a matching bracelet or anklet with a clasp!